Maneater unkillable without pain keeper . I don't have a single Maneater. . Is this possible and does anyone know the speeds Just pulled a 3rd PK for x2 voids. 172 1. 256 Maneater 223 Pain Keeper 188 DPS1 180 DPS2 129 Stun TargetDPS. . I use Tower, 3x painkeeper and coldheart (until I can get armiger built for massive damage). I am fairly new to the game with 3 months of playtime so I have some questions hoping you can answer me. I am probably making several mistakes as this team is my first attempt at an unkillable. but as long as you get a comfortable team to get top CB chest. . Nov 24, 2022 &0183;&32;I was finding a bunch of videos that had 3 pain keepers or unkillable. . Most of the core champs just only one maneater, no tower or Santa. But for whatever fucking reason, doesn't in CB. I finally pulled a Maneater yesterday and now I'm looking to build a budget unkillable team. Speed Tune Overview. Most comps require a champ I don&39;t have. 55-252 Pain Keeper A3, A1, A1, A2 224-229 Fast Maneater A2, A3. Mine is Maneater and Demytha. Save. . . If you have geo and a decent poisoner, two key gets easier with bad gear. I'm pretty sure kymar works too since he can completely reset. . Demytha 257, heiress 253, faster pain keeper 192, second pain keeper 188, frozen banshee 235 Reply. Gonna need to farm up some silver. . Hi My cb rating is really poor and I thought about building an unkillable team. Works on NM and UNM but on UNM don't put poison sensitivity and CA on until after first stun. Maneater is fast, but Demy is pretty slow. Dude if you have double maneater now you absolutely shoud go straight to a Double Maneater unkillable. Maneater is an Epic HP Void Champion from Ogryn Tribes faction in Raid Shadow Legends. . This is 100 reliable, with 0 Chance. ago. 218-222 Pain Keeper. Currently 3 key brutal but have the team to break into UNM. . Bateater Clan Boss is one of the popular Unkillable Clan Boss Team setup in Raid Shadow Legends, which requires specific champions and speed turning for it to work. . In addition, Maneater is born as an exceptional leader as Maneater brings an Aura effect of (Increases Ally HP in. Iron twins - Helicath, x3 Painkeeper. .
ago. . This results in him using the shield buff when you need him to use his unkillable instead. . Rotation Maneater A1, A3. . 175-178 DPS. From my observations it appears to be bad luck with crits. My team is 2 painkeepers, 2 maneaters and frozen banshee, without the other maneater I'd be without unkillable. I wish I could pull Demytha and see what her and Maneater could do together. This team is able to deal tons of damage to the Clan Boss on the. . Just wanted to toss in my information in case it could help. Jul 28, 2021 &0183;&32;I pulled Pain Keeper recently (technically my 6-year-old pulled her. I got her on the correct Speed (220-ish) for Budget Unkillable with enough HP to avoid the. I recently posted about trying to stun target an Emic clan boss team that was set up extremely similar to the maneater budget unkillable just swapping a DPS out for a 4 turn cool down 2 turn duration block debuff to make it affinity friendly. I use fahrakin on my fumyth team without the fushan and he doesn't throw it off,. Like exponentially improved my account. Ninja can work in the Bat eater team. You need at least a couple pain keepers for your comp because you need that cooldown reset. . You also generally don't need Lifesteal, because you can't die, although there are some compositions that use it to control where the stun goes, or to trigger the counterattack mastery. 226 Deacon Armstrong (Leader for SPD aura) 278 Fast Maneater. Mad shoutout to uRust for his help on this This is the same composition for Brutal, Nightmare AND Ultra Nightmare Clan Boss I can 2 Key UNM with this easy, 1 Key NM, 1 Key Brutal. It should be possible. . . Ronda will deal about 25m damage without fatman's help. . imgur. Full range of speeds have not been sorted just check in the calculator.

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